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About Flossy’s Kitchen

How We Got Here

Hello, I’m Flossy, a nickname from Mom since I was four-years-old sprouting a massive mop of blond curls.

In her kitchen, many unforgettable memories were made while twirling radishes into flowers, mounting a banana custard with huge chunks of fluffy white meringue, and plopping doughy dumplings into a boiling pot of sweetened blackberries. 

My favorite memories were those made around a table loaded with dishes of steaming buttered cobs of corn, cabbage seasoned with fried fatback, and country-styled-steak ladened down with a rich brown gravy. The meal was made complete with wedges of buttermilk cornbread and sliced tomatoes from Dad’s abundant garden that Mom teased could feed the entire neighborhood.

Perhaps, more than the food, my fondest thoughts around that table were of those outbursts of laughter instigated from my mischievous brothers, or those ‘ah-ah’ discussions where tears were replaced with a slow smile. In our home, food and family converged into one. I’ve seen that many of yours have, too. 

My hope in Flossy’s Kitchen is you will discover products to share with your family to create lasting memories in your home. You will also enjoy laughter as you bake Christmas cookies in your new striped aprons with your granddaughter, or grate cheese with your small son for your casserole with Barry the Bear grater, and dish out your soup made with holiday leftovers holding Mama Nessie the ladle strainer.

We hope you’ll linger to peruse our products and take them home with you. Flossy’s Kitchen offers quality kitchen products at affordable prices. Weekly, we’re adding to our inventory to offer our customers items that make their kitchen experience fun and easy. 

Proverbs 31:27 She watches over the ways of her household, and does not eat the bread of idleness. 

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